Please read the sections below for announcements from this year’s Junior Section Editors, Sophomore Section Editors, and Freshman Section Editors about how the 2020-2021 Haven Yearbook will use SELFIES for the class photo sections.

We need all of your help in collecting a SELFIE from every Haven student between now and December 16!

The information below is posted as an assignment on the Google Classroom page for each class, and has been emailed to all students. Our yearbook editors will be working as ambassadors to help answer questions and spread the word.


Dear Junior Class of 2022,

We, Andrei Gustafson and Marin Lent, are reaching out on behalf of the Yearbook Club to discuss our new plan for student-photo collection during these unprecedented times. 

During this new and unusual school year, we are able to take more artistic measures with this year’s yearbook, and so we’re asking that students send in a SELFIE in place of traditional yearbook photos. 

Since many of the students at our school haven’t been able to come into the building to take professional photos, we’ve decided that our yearbook would look best this year filled with photos depicting unique student experiences.

So basically we’re asking you all use the website link below to submit your selfies following the designated guidelines. Please try and read through the guidelines prior to submitting your selfies, as the Yearbook Club has spent a lot of time deciding what would look best for this year’s yearbook.

Try your best to submit your selfies as soon as possible (by December 16th at the latest) but we encourage you guys to try and get them in sooner than that! 

We know this may seem awkward for some students, but we looked at sample pages and we’re super excited for how the final class page will come together. If everybody participates this will truly look awesome!

If you have any questions regarding the collection of student selfies, please feel free to reach out via email prior to December 16th!

Thank you!

-Marin & Andrei



Dear Sophomores & Freshmen,

Hello everyone! This is Michaela Santisi and Emma Wei, your sophomore editors for the yearbook, and Lindsay Spinosa, your freshman editor. As we all know, this year has been unprecedented, so we think our 2020-2021 yearbook should reflect that too. 

Obviously, everyone hasn´t been able to take professional photos in school, so we have a different plan in mind. 

Bear with us because this might sound weird at first… but we are asking every underclassman to submit a SELFIE this year for their yearbook picture. 

We know that this seems awkward, but every freshman, sophomore, and junior are submitting them too. It might be a little chaotic, but if anything, this year has been even more chaotic! 

We are hoping to get all of your beautiful selfies in by December 16th, but why not just do it right now? Here’s how to submit yours- just click the link, and it’ll take you to the Haven Yearbook website.

Make sure to read through the guidelines (we have spent a lot of time figuring out what would look best in the book!) and contact us if you have any questions.

Lindsay Spinosa

Freshman Editor

Emma Wei

Sophomore Editor

Michaela Santisi

Sophomore Editor 

P.S Stay tuned for some announcements of ways we could make this more fun if you submit a selfie before the deadline. (Extra credit? Prizes? Who knows!)