Documenting this unique year is more important than ever, and the yearbook staff needs your help to do it…

Since we are unable to set up new 2020-2021 professional student portraits for all students, our yearbook staff has decided to design this year’s book with a SELFIE from every Haven student in Grades 9-11. 

For this unusual year, the spirit of this shot is ‘SELFIE’—not a professional photo. We will not be using the professional Lifetouch photos for underclassmen in this year’s book. Our editors agreed that ‘selfies’ match the spirit of this unprecedented school year, and we are excited to make these pages come to life!

Use the linked Google Form to submit a selfie that will be used for the Portrait Pages in this year’s yearbook. Guidelines and examples can be found on the form. Please note that you should be logged into your wssdgmail account to submit.

We’re still collecting selfies! Keep ’em coming! 

(After that, we start to track you down… we want every Haven student to be part of this year’s historic book!)

Student editors have the final say over whether a photo will be included, according to the provided guidelines.

If your photo cannot be used, editors and advisers will reach out to you and your parent/guardian to attempt to collect a new photo.

If we are not able to successfully obtain a usable photo, you will be listed as ‘not pictured.’


  • Photo must show the head + shoulders of just youyou and no one else. No photo bombing or group shots.
  • Shoot your portrait vertically—portrait layout, not landscape.
  • You must be facing the camera with your full face in view.
  • You must be wearing a shirt that meets dress code guidelines for Strath Haven High School. 
  • Keep your background simple, with minimal distractions. Outdoor shots in natural light are great!
  • Avoid odd shadows over your face. The light should be in front of you—not behind.
  • Avoid posters or text in the background.
  • No hand gestures of any kind.
  • No sunglasses, hats, or anything else that obstructs the view of your face. (Exceptions: Items used for religious purposes.)
  • Submit a color picture—no black and white or filtered photos.
  • As long as these do not distract from or hide your face: A pet is welcome. A sports item or an object that you use for a school-related activity is welcome. You can use this shot to help us tell a story!
  • No illegal items, weapons, drug or alcohol paraphernalia, or other materials that might not frame a positive representation of our diverse student body. 
  • No offensive or inappropriate items or text on your clothing or anywhere in the photo.