School pictures for students in grades 9-11 are happening on September 28-30 in the Auditorium.

School photos are scheduled by students’ required English and Social Studies classes. 

If a student is not enrolled in one of these classes this semester, they will receive a pass for a scheduled appointment. Passes are delivered to first-block classes, and students also received an informational email from Mrs. Cohen. If necessary, students or parents can also confirm these appointments by contacting Mrs. Cohen at

Click the image below to view the schedule as a document

Barksdale Photo is our school photography partner this year. Underclassmen students received an envelope for picture orders in their first block classes on Thursday, September 22 or Friday, September 23. Barksdale can also process online orders for school photos. Click the image below to access their website—use the order code below. 

Families are under no obligation to purchase school photos. Barksdale will provide photos to our yearbook staff regardless of whether you order any photo packages.

Our absentee/retake day will be on November 10. More information to come.