Jack Henry

One word to describe my entire experience in St. Louis is passion. Coming together with over three thousand other student journalists to learn and explore our love for storytelling is something you can’t get anywhere else but at an NHSJC convention. 

When I was first told about the convention, I never thought we would actually be able to go. For months, I pushed everyone on both staff teams, Yearbook and Newspaper, to increase interest in this trip. After attending a smaller version of the convention last year, I knew how important and impactful these learning experiences are.

When this trip became a reality, and twelve other students were interested, my heart was full. Journalism and telling people’s stories have always been a passion of mine, and seeing my peers have the same passion was incredibly inspiring.

“I learned so much” is not enough to describe the impact of this trip. The ability to not only learn from professionals but also from students from all over the country was amazing. Walking around the convention hall, I talked and made friends with so many different people. Some were writers, some photographers, and others broadcasters, but all shared the same passion.

Bonding with my team was also a big takeaway from this experience. Staying in a hotel and taking classes with the same people for four days created a bond that I will never let go of. I am happy to say that we formed a family, not just a team. Learning and growing together will help to bring back the same sense of community to the rest of the team back home. 

The skills and experiences I gained on this trip will last me a lifetime. From the skills I learned in classes to the connections I made with students, professionals, and colleges, I was able to expand my knowledge and connections for the future. I will forever be grateful to Ms. Plows for allowing us to experience this convention, and to my fellow journalists for having the same passion and drive for learning.