Please note that this information has been updated, as our final portrait session has been postponed. READ MORE.

We are looking forward to including every member of the Class of 2021 in the Haven Yearbook. Please read the information below regarding our FINAL in-school date for senior portraits and alternative options.

FINAL DATE FOR IN-SCHOOL STUDIO SENIOR PORTRAITS POSTPONEDThe FINAL DATE for scheduling senior photos (first sittings or retakes) is Wednesday, December 16 from 9-3 p.m. Please use this link to schedule an appointment directly with Lifetouch. Our school code is 70.

No walk-ins will be permitted. The student must show up at their scheduled time to be photographed. 

YEARBOOK POSES: The original deadline to select your yearbook pose (which does NOT require you to purchase anything) was December 4. Obviously, in light of the complicated nature of getting everyone photographed this year, December 4 isn’t going to work. This deadline WILL BE ADJUSTED and communicated to families. We’re working on it—stay tuned.

SAFETY PROTOCOL FOR IN-SCHOOL STUDIO SENIOR PORTRAITS: Our professional studio provides these instructions for Wednesday, December 16: 

  • Senior portraits will be captured this year using SOCIAL DISTANCING & NO-TOUCH POSING. In our continued efforts to safeguard employees and customers, we will implement ‘No-Touch’ posing and social distancing. Photographers will not make physical contact and will keep a 6ft distance from subjects, customers and employees.
  • Seniors can bring one family member and both must wear a face mask when entering the school building. The face mask must be worn during interaction with the portrait staff. When the student sits down to be photographed, the mask can be removed. Although the family member can assist the student with the Tux/Drape dressing, they will not be permitted around the portrait station.
  • Tux/Drapes attire will be supplied by the studio. The attire will be “steam cleaned” after the session is completed, so it is ready for the next senior. Students wishing to use the drape should wear a black tank top.
  • If a student does not wish to be photographed in the tux or drape, they will be photographed in their own professional attire. If a student does not wish to use the attire provided by the studio, they should wear a black dress, dress shirt, or blouse. 
  • Seniors will have the opportunity to be photographed in a graduation gown holding the cap. A non-latex disposable glove will be provided to the student to hold the cap. (Caps on the head photos will be provided if requested)
  • The portrait stations will be sanitized between student use. 
  • All CDC guidelines and Protocol will be strictly followed.

OUTSIDE PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS: If you have elected to use an alternative professional photographer, we will need official written permission/release from that individual/company in order to comply with copyright laws. 

Senior portraits must be color headshots against a neutral studio background. We have asked all students to either dress in studio-provided drapes or tuxedos, or to wear a black dress, dress shirt, or blouse.

Please have the photographer complete this form and send it directly to Ms. Plows at along with the photos. Email Ms. Plows ( if you have questions about this process. Our final deadline for these photos is February 28.

UNPHOTOGRAPHED SENIORS: Seniors who are not photographed through the professional studio will be contacted by Ms. Plows for a possible sitting at school in our studio.

Contact us with any questions.