Students in grades 9-11 were photographed by Barksdale Photography on September 27-29. 

Photo proofs were delivered to first block teachers for distribution on October 17-18.

Any families who wish to purchase photos should visit Barksdale’s storefront and use the code printed on the back of each proof packet. The deadline for these initial orders is FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 3.

We have one retake day scheduled on Thursday, November 9.

Students or families who would like to schedule a retake after reviewing the Barksdale photos from September should complete this retake request form by 8 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 6. There will be another opportunity to order photos after retakes are delivered.

Either a student or a parent can complete this form. The form—which takes no more than five minutes to complete—will close at 8 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 6, and no additional retake requests will be accepted.

If not all questions on the form are answered, the student may not receive their retake.

NOTE: The students who missed pictures on the original photo dates will receive an email reminder from our yearbook staff, an email home to parents, and a pass for a re-take. Do not use the retake request form if you missed the original photo dates.

REMINDER: You are under no obligation to purchase photo packages from Barksdale. Barksdale supplies the small roll call photos that we use for the student pages in the yearbook, and offers the option to families to purchase photo packages and/or downloads. If a retake isn’t necessary for your yearbook photo, there’s no need to schedule one.