Barksdale School Portraits provides the following information and instructions about selecting your senior portrait for the Haven Yearbook:

  • Each senior’s personalized code is printed on the top of each page of their proof booklet in red. If any senior did not receive a proof booklet, they can reach out either to Barksdale or to Ms. Plows to receive the personalized code.
  • Students need to go online and select a yearbook pose regardless if they are purchasing photos or not.
  • Seniors should complete their selections by Friday, October 13 or sooner.
  • If a student does not select their pose, Barksdale will select one for them.  
  • Barksdale will have the images sent to Strath Haven by November 1. Seniors must select their portraits as soon as possible so all those images can be retouched and sent by this deadline.

Please click the link below for detailed instructions on selecting the yearbook pose.

Here's a link to the Barksdale storefront.