Telling the story of our school is extremely important to the entire yearbook staff. For the past two years, we have implemented an August delivery in order to include all end of the year events. This year, we have decided to continue this new tradition. 

After hearing feedback from last year’s senior class and the upcoming senior class, the decision to continue the summer delivery is supported by our peers.

We understand that some families may be disappointed by the summer delivery and the inability to have signatures in the yearbook, however we will continue to take steps to ensure that this long-standing tradition also stays in place.

Seniors will receive a yearbook supplement at their senior breakfast, which will include empty pages for signatures. The supplement includes double-sided tape to attach it in the back of the full yearbook once received.

The class of 2022 exchanges signatures at their Senior Breakfast. Photos by Charlotte Horetsky ’24, Lindsay Spinosa ’24

We share concerns that the 2022 book’s delivery was a few days later than expected due to Jostens production issues, so we’re working with our yearbook production team to ensure that 2023 will be delivered on time in mid-August.

This decision comes after a lot of thought. We hear and appreciate your feedback, and we are excited about our 2023 story.

Jess Farhat, Georgia Gianopulos, Jack Henry

2023 Editors in Chief